Ramadan @ Bora Ombak, Ampang

August 15, 2012

With a few days remaining in Ramadan, there's still time for a buka-puasa buffet: Bora Ombak's is a satisfactory way to sample time-honored Malaysian fare in a setting that might seem a little less sterile than hotel restaurants. 

Lots of fresh air in a wide space, with enough of a customer presence on weekdays to keep things lively without turning crowded and chaotic.

Also pleasing: the price of RM55+, reasonable for this range. No sashimi, oysters or pasta, but hey, none of that hits the heart of "buka puasa," right?

Lapping up the ulam, tempeh, pecal, petai, cincalok, salads and snacks ...

... then piling on everything from daging gulai kawah and ikan keli berlado to ayam kacang gajus, petola tumis and nasi kerabu.

Gravy-drenched greatness, with meat, vegetables and rice galore. We had seconds, for sure.

Action stalls are where much of the action is at.

Roast lamb, as tender and flavorsome as we hoped it would be. And no need to rush: there's still leftover meat at the end of the night on this carcass.

Rejoice in the name of cockles! Have them straight from the shell or strewn into char kuey teow.

Skip the roti john and murtabak though. Unessential tummy fillers.

The creamy laksa Kelantan gets a pass; the bland bakso, not so much.

Ais kacang, lacking in gula melaka goodness. But keep a date with sumptuously sweet dates.

Outdoor seating is what most guests get, except for bigger groups. Service is serviceable.

And this'll be our only Ramadan buffet this year. Our stomachs are too stuffed to consider more.

Bora Ombak,
Persiaran Mamanda 1, Near Ampang Point, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-4251-6303