Queen Victoria Market @ Melbourne

November 16, 2013

A pleasantly welcoming market where visitors to Melbourne can spend a couple of hours merrily browsing, eating & drinking.

These carnivore-comforting counters burst with all manner of meat ...

... some for the sampling: a slice of kangaroo sausage, a snack of crocodile steak.

No absence of bread, an abundance of cheese.

Fresh oysters & lustrous-looking seafood at reasonable-seeming prices.

Whats a market without alcohol? A sober one, for sure.

Excellent chocolate, made right here in the Australian state of Victoria.

Many stalls serve hot food for breakfast & lunch; try the nutritious pizzas, with bases laced with the likes of beetroot & pumpkin for eye-catching colors ...

... or the bratwurst shop, where the line stretches to ten people thick at peak hours.

Seans away through Sunday, Nov. 17, at a mystery location where cheese, olives & octopus are everywhere (not Melbourne). Comments will be replied next week. Thanks!

Queen Victoria Market
Melbourne, Australia