Qba @ Westin Kuala Lumpur revised

April 22, 2010

One of the most vibrant settings to be found in a KL hotel.

Qba specialises in beef, as well as a vast variety of tapas for customers to nibble on while savouring the restaurant's salsa music.

Saltiest complimentary nuts ever! They could have been made entirely of salt.

Potatoes Rioja-style, with chorizo & olive oil fried egg. A super supper snack, with heaps of starch and grease to soak up all the late-night booze.

Freshly shucked Irish Pacific oysters with Latin salsa. Not the best ever, but good enough to drown out any oyster cravings.

Rocket leaves, Cabrales blue cheese, fresh figs & hazelnuts. A flavour-packed salad, with lots of luscious figs buried beneath a mountain of other ingredients.

Poached bone marrow with lemon jus & deviled quail eggs. Less thrilling than we had anticipated; stick to Dish for a heartier, more sinful version.

Pecadillo con Huervos (the "Cuban Nasi Campur"). A massive mix of white rice with beef hash, fried egg (again!), braised canary beans, plantain banana crisps, avocado, pineapple & cocoa bean salad. Might be tastier if the rice had been fried instead of being steamed plain.

Longhorn Tasman eye fillet with blue cheese fondue & braised shallots. Forgettable, despite the clear effort put into creating this recipe.

Wagyu eye fillet, wild mushrooms & truffled taro cakes. Coulda been more succulent.

Master Kobe sirloin with almond & apricot beignets & sea urchin sauce mousseline. Not as sensational as Kobe beef ought to be, though the use of uni was a tasty twist.

Kechetini (ketel one vodka, lychee, creme de cassis) & Just As Nice (baileys, drambuie, peach schnapps, fresh cream).

Ciudad Mexico (tequila, cointreau, cranberry juice, lemon juice) & Escorpion (light rum, amaretto, grand marnier, orange juice, lemon juice).

The Westin, Kuala Lumpur.