Purple Cane Tea Restaurant

February 4, 2009

One of Purple Cane's three outlets, specializing in food cooked with tea leaves.

Green tea yee sang with salmon (our final yee sang of the season?)

Ginseng chicken tea soup (we could feel the nutrition seep into our system while drinking this!)

Dough sticks with honey (yau char kuay! tasted less greasy and a lot healthier than the hawker versions)

Pan-fried egg with tomatoes and prawns (least memorable dish)

Simmered boxing chicken (the sauce was a bit too sweet)

Cuttlefish with oats (addictive! once you start, you can't stop)

Stir-fried brown sword belt mushrooms and broccoli (i lurrve broccoli, so no complaints here)

Bittergourd with salted egg (surprisingly popular with everyone)

Braised beancurd in tea sauce (am not a big beancurd fan, but it was OK)

Sauteed prawns in orange and cheese dressing (more orangey than cheesy, but it showcased Purple Cane's creativity)

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant,
Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.
Tel: 2272-3090