Prego @ Westin Malaysia

July 23, 2010

Prego's revised menu keeps us coming back for more, over and over again.

Foie gras & pesto terrine with crostini & pear compote. A cool twist to the typical goose liver terrine; this one was laced with pesto sauce, providing it with an extra wallop of flavor that nicely complemented the foie gras' sweet, smooth creaminess.

Braised beef cheek ravioli with porcini mushrooms. The ravioli skin could have been thinner, but the meat within was perfectly tender and tasty.

Woodbridge smoked Tasmanian ocean trout Puglia-style, with cream curd-filled mozzarella cheese & chili herb oil. Not bad; comfort food for fish fans.

Lasagnette di Aragosta _ silk handkerchief pasta with slipper lobster, leek confit & bisque emulsion. A briny pleasure, brimming with the flavor of shellfish. We wiped the plate clean with our bread.

Deep-fried calamari with tartar sauce. Probably the least memorable item we had.

Black cannelloni with crab mascarpone arborio filling & crab sauce. Addictively rich and creamy. Perfect for anyone seeking something heavy and filling.

Truffle roast chicken with asparagus & potatoes. A whopping portion that could easily satisfy two or three people. The chicken was juicy but unremarkable on its own; thankfully, the truffle shavings turned this into a powerfully aromatic luxury.

Chocolate mud pie. Basically ice cream cake, done as well as can be expected.

Brandy-laced tiramisu. Perfectly adequate, but desserts aren't what shine here.

Zabaglione ice cream with fresh raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, spiced crumble & white and dark chocolate. A berry satisfying sundae.

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The Westin, Kuala Lumpur.