Prego @ Westin Kuala Lumpur

May 21, 2010

One of my favourite Italian restaurants in the city centre, all things considered.

Prego succeeds with these elements: service that puts customers at ease, a setting that makes them want to stay, and food that's generally good.

Soft-boiled eggs with crisp polenta, rocket, balsamic & black truffles. Nicely done, but would be even tastier if they had been more generous with the truffles.

Crab & arborio rice cakes with almond aioli. Satisfyingly crisp and chunky.

Gnocchi with parmesan & brown butter. A bit too oily to thoroughly enjoy.

Tagliolini with black truffle shavings & parmesan. An utterly decadent treat for carboholics who also love cheese; far creamier than any carbonara, but addictive to the last bite.

Salt-crusted sea bass with steamed new potatoes, fennel & lemon butter sauce. Seemed fairly fresh, since it was moist but firm. Fans of fish should have no complaints.

Black mussels & clams with cherry tomatoes, white wine, garlic, parsley & bay leaves. Reasonably juicy and flavourful.

Hazelnut chocolate from Turin, topped with hazelnut ice cream. Met expectations, with a light, smooth texture and a subtly sweet, nutty taste.

Three-chocolate semi freddo (milk, white, dark). Creamy and chilly.

Not sold at Prego, but eaten here: Delectable By Su's "7 Sins of Chocolate."

The Westin Kuala Lumpur.