Portuguezze Kitchen @ Sungei Wang Plaza

October 5, 2013

This inconspicuous enterprise opened this year in the thick of Sungei Wang Plazas third-floor Food Emporium, run by a family from Malacca.

Staples of my southern hometowns most cherished traditional cooking are accounted for here, from Nyonya claypot chicken pongteh ...

... to Portuguese grilled fish, stingray enveloped in a sambal of kaffir lime leaves, all at food-court-appropriate prices of little more than RM10 per serving.

Mutton curry seku. Feels like honest, home-cooked fare, suitable for two light eaters.

Pineapple prawn curry, a Eurasian favorite thats a real pleasure with steamed rice.

Other fowl options: the cant-fail devils chicken curry thats punishingly/pleasurably fiery ...

... the lightly sour ambiler kacang of long beans with chicken ...

... as well as sehbak, a spicy braised chicken salad with lots of lettuce.

Finny fun: Prementeh fish, prepared in tangy black pepper curry ...

... plus chuan-chuan fish, deep-fried & simmered in black bean paste with ginger.

For fiber, the always-welcome kangkung sambal belacan ...

... & some lovely soy-limang brinjal, pan-fried brinjal, achingly soft without being agonizingly mushy, in a soya sauce & lime gravy.

Have always adored sambal belacan. Suitably fiery spices here; chili-wary customers can petition the kitchen to ease up on the heat.

Portuguezze Kitchen,
Food Emporium, Sungei Wang Plaza, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

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