Pitza Shellis

August 16, 2021

Shah Alam-based Pitza Shellis specialises in pizza cones, a cross between pizzas and ice cream cones, with cheesy 'toppings' stuffed into doughy cones crafted of pizza 'crust.' These pizza cones are delivered cold, with instructions to microwave them for two to three minutes for the ooey-gooey experience.

Three flavours are available (RM12 for a box of three). The Beef Pepperoni is the all-time favourite, rich with pepperoni bits, marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese, while Tropical is the familiar Hawaiian, featuring chicken breast plus pineapple. Alfredo Cheese is roasted chicken with alfredo sauce and mozzarella. 

The end result is like eating mini-calzones, extra bready because of their shape compared to typical pizzas.

Pitza Shellis
WhatsApp 017-394-3923

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