Petite Millie @ Royal Lake Club

May 10, 2013

Not a dream, not a hoax: Petite Millie has brought its now-famed specialties to Kuala Lumpurs Royal Lake Club.

The menu at Royal Lake Club is similar to 1 Utamas: plenty of poutine, like the Quebec-inspired, creamy-meaty one with smoked chicken & borlotti beans (RM24).

Tarte flambee, Alsaces flame-baked pie, receives the Royal treatment too, topped with braised beef cheek, mixed veggies & caramelized onions (RM28).

Tagliatelle with duck ragu, pesto & oregano breadcrumbs (RM30), slick & sensually savory.

Sandwich of smoked salmon, avocado hash, new potatoes & Spanish pipparas peppers (RM20). Everything tastes satisfactory, with prices that wont pinch the wallet. 

Linguine with clams, garlic, chili flakes & saffron aioli (RM24). This location suits many of us working in KL, but customers must be club members or their guests.

Lamb burger with onion jam (RM18). Being egg addicts, wed love this with a sunny-side-up.

Something sweet to finish: Granny Smith apple crumble with vanilla ice cream (RM18).

Wine at Royal Lake Club is terrifically priced. This bottle costs RM48 & tastes nice enough.

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Petite Millie,
Royal Lake Club, Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur.