Pasadena Burgers

September 25, 2020

Pasadena Burgers tempted us with the promise of California-style burgers and cheesy dipping burgers, delivered to your door.

Its ready-to-eat burger starts at RM22.50, complete with the basics of a beef patty with lettuce and tomatoes, plus fresh and caramelised raw onions; we added RM6 to top up with blue cheese. The patty was the weak link of our order, coarsely dry, with an artificial, alkaline flavour. In a city overrun with burgers, this needs tweaking, from the meat to the fairly stodgy bun.

The dipping burger (RM26) is undermined by the same patty; it's served in breakfast muffin bread that's sturdier and won't turn soggy from the cheese sauce. We ordered two types of extra sauces - the South Cali Habanero Cheese with Mincemeat that's enjoyably rich-textured but not particularly spicy (RM13) and the Cajun Chili Queso that also needs more kick (RM10); it's unclear what dipping sauce would have been provided if we hadn't ordered the two extras, since we received no other sauce.

Pasadena Burgers: pasadenaburger.com

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