Panorama @ Crowne Plaza Bangkok

April 27, 2013

Lunch buffets at Panorama, the all-day-dining restaurant of Bangkoks Crowne Plaza Hotel, are worth gorging on, even without the promise of a siesta after a heavy meal.

Pile your plate with pork _ theres plenty of cured meat to go around, from prosciutto to mortadella. Garnish with cheese & rocket leaves to make everything look more presentable.

Grilled to order: hog the cooking counter with more pork, in the form of skewers, sausages & chops. Delivered to the table with savory & spicy sauces.

Seafood too: fish, mussels & prawns, tasting as fresh as they should.

Macarons: not magnificent, not marvelous _ merely mediocre. A bit too biscuit-like.

Other desserts fare better: creamy, aromatic tiramisu & crumbly apple crumble.

And all these calories would be well-expended while sight-seeing.

The Reclining Buddha, with an Adam Levine lookalike.

Crossing the Chao Phraya.

Climbing the Wat Arun (only halfway though, before chickening out).

Panorama @ Crowne Plaza Hotel Bangkok,
Lumpini Park, Bangkok, Thailand.