Pancake Bakery, Manneken Pis & Beems Brasserie @ Amsterdam

December 14, 2013

Roaming through Amsterdam for snacks, starting with The Pancake Bakery, minutes away from the Anne Frank House.

There are enough pancake varieties here for customers to eat a different one everyday for a month. It was a difficult decision, but we settled on one topped with bacon, cheese & onions _ & loved it.

Poffertjes with cherries, whipped cream & kirsch. Smaller pancakes, made with buckwheat flour, with a fluffier, spongier texture.

Red port & Cherry Jenever. Pancakes with booze _ a brilliant plan.

The Pancake Bakery occupies two levels: downstairs feels warmly intimate, while upstairs features a pleasant view of the canal.

Next up, Manneken Pis: A signboard claiming this take-away outlet serves Hollands best fries lured us here (though we had no idea who the voters were).

Chunky, piping-hot potatoes, crisp on the outside, soft inside. Drenched in utterly unhealthy mayo-based sauces & ketchup.

Note the mountain of freshly prepared fries in the background to cope with the crowds swarming this stand, doors away from the Sex Museum.

Finally, Beems Brasserie, located off a key shopping street beside the Amsterdam Dungeon.

Bitterballen, a Dutch bread-crumbed beef ball snack, served with mustard. Crisp on the outside, mushy and piping-hot inside. Comfort food for a cold day.

Coffee and port wine.

The Pancake Bakery, Manneken Pis & Beems Brasserie,

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