OX, Reykjavik, Iceland

November 24, 2018

OX offers one of Reykjavik's most intimate dining experiences, with two chefs serving about 11 diners each evening. The degustation-style meal promises a delicious introduction to the bounty of Iceland's land and sea; OX's primary chef-founder Ãžráinn Freyr Vigfússon excels in the art and craft of weaving together ingredients in a way that tantalises and thrills. With bar-style seating around the open kitchen, it's an experience that feels deeply personal, with opportunities galore to chat with the chefs and the other guests.

The culinary voyage goes on for hours, with a seemingly ceaseless parade of pleasures - smoky celeriac and cheese dumplings on hay; chicken liver pate with sea buckthorn; tomatoes with lovage; ponnukokur pancake with lumpfish roe and cultured cream; ground-baked rye bread with whipped butter; monkfish with baked lardo, poached cucumbers and wild onion sauce; and Omnom chocolate with chanterelles (!) and hazelnuts, washed down with Bjork birch liqueur.