Out Of Africa @ Petaling Jaya

July 5, 2010

Out of Africa has been around for ages, but its menu never changes. That's certainly not a complaint, since some of its offerings are nearly as rare as rhinos in KL.

Ostrich carpaccio. Fairly similar to regular beef carpaccio. A light, delicate starter, ideal for whetting the appetite.

Okavango pumpkin soup with Mielie corn bread. Best savored on a rainy evening. The broth was aromatic and steaming hot, while the bread tasted deliciously sweet and fresh.

Biltong. Basically beef cured with salt, vinegar & pepper. Chewy and rather tart, but nevertheless addictive. Unlikely to be a healthy snack though.

Ox Tongue Kalahari with mustard sauce, spinach & carrots. This, on the other hand, seemed nutritionally balanced, with lean protein and guilt-free veggies. The tongue was irresistibly tender and not gamy at all.

Oxtail stew cooked in "potjie." Rustic comfort food; the stew was super-thick, brimming with soft chunks of potatoes that went so well with the oxtail.

Braaied Boerewors (farmer sausage made of lamb, beef & spices, cooked over coals). Hearty, with a fine bite to it, though the flavor wasn't too memorable.

Chicken liver pan-fried with peri-peri sauce. An acceptable choice if you like liver, though some of the chunks seemed somewhat dried out inside.

Bobotie (ground beef curry). Kinda like a bolognese preparation, except with a pleasantly nutty & fruity taste, without the tanginess of tomatoes. Not spicy, thankfully.

Tall Horse Pinotage 2008 (South Africa).

Out Of Africa,
Kelab Syabas (to be renamed PJ Palms Court Centre),
Lorong Sultan, Petaling Jaya.