Ordering Out in Cyberjaya: Saba Restaurant

April 15, 2020

No need to sabar for Saba: This Middle Eastern restaurant continues to run deliveries in Cyberjaya this month, with a limited menu that nonetheless supplies our fix of rice and barbecue dishes.

Portions prove princely - even a single serving could satisfy two light eaters. The Yemen-style lamb mandi is packed so tight, its contents nearly spill out when you open the container. The meat is smoky and fall-off-the-bone tender, well-balanced with a spicy-sour sauce (RM28.78).

The Mixed BBQ is more a feast than a mere sampler (RM45.58) - chicken kebab, lamb kebab, chicken shish taouk and beef tikka, all conveying a distinctive Mideast spice mix seeped into the marinade. The chicken is our favourite for its easy-eating virtues, while the beef is on the chewy side and the lamb has a slight sourish yogurt aftertaste. Sides include a salad, fries and flatbread that can be heated up for ideal enjoyment. Saba delivers out of Persiaran Multimedia in Cyberjaya.

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