Olde Hansa Medieval Restaurant @ Tallinn, Estonia

December 11, 2016

Bear with us: Ursine creatures roam in abundance in Estonia's sprawling forests, legally hunted for their meat, which is available in restaurants like Olde Hansa in Tallinn's bustling Old Town. This friendly medieval-themed venue serves delicious fire-cooked bear loins (the full-fleshed flavour should suit hot-blooded carnivores) with saffron-tinged spelt, as well as other game meat like elk fillet (surprisingly gamier than & not as tender as the bear) braised in truffle oil & spiced with juniper berries. Wash down with schnapps herbal liqueurs laced with caraway seeds & pepper, plus dark honey beer that a bear might love.

Olde Hansa
Tallinn Old Town, Estonia.