O'Coffee Club & Typica

March 31, 2012

Revving up our caffeine intake: first, a stop at O'Coffee Club outside Fahrenheit 88.

Come for the coffee, stay for the food: this Singapore-born business serves satisfying fare like fried potato skins, generously topped with guacamole, nacho cheese melt & Neapolitan sauce.

Hot stuff: skewered chicken, fleshy & juicy, glazed with chili & served with fruit compote. Nothing beats real satay, but this makes an excellent attempt at it.

Jamaican Blue Mountain (pricey at RM28) & Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (RM14). Truth be told, we can't tell the difference between these two.

Iced coffee, prepared the cold-drip way, & ice cream cappuccino.

Iced Earl Grey. Tea with vanilla ice cream _ excellent.

Next up, Typica: coffee-lovers wax lyrical about the charms of this humble but welcoming place, which bursts with pride & passion for its caffeinated concoctions.

Each beverage is painstakingly brewed; we're still confused about the preparation methods (siphon, filter, ice-drip, etc), but it's all fun to watch & fine to sip.

Malaysian specialty coffee: Chamek Liberica Peaberry, offering silky-smooth slurps.

Love your Irish coffee? Surprisingly, Typica has liquor-laced beverages _ a limited selection, but much appreciated anyway.

Dessert coffees are also available. This one feels like an affogato with a twist.

Cheesecakes are offered to pair with the coffee. There's a sweeping range of flavors from black sesame to sweet potato, though not everything is available all the time.

O'Coffee Club,
Fahrenheit 88, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

Typica Cafe,
Shaw Parade, Kuala Lumpur.