O Cafe

November 17, 2010

"Organic Goes Chic" is the tagline of this vegetarian restaurant, which promises nourishing recipes to help maintain good health (hmmmmm).

Veggie popiah roll. An acquired taste, though the ingredients seemed irreproachably fresh in all their raw glory. Too bad the beetroot sauce was kinda cloying.

Rice with "fish" fillet. Decent enough if you can't have real fish, but ultimately forgettable. By the way, it's probably worth noting that the restaurant's tableware _ including cutlery, bowls & kitchen cutting boards _ is all made of the non-toxic natural fibers of rice husks.

"Bak kut teh" with mee sua. The broth had a pleasant herbal flavor, nicely soaked up by the noodles. But without meat, it's purely a pale shadow of genuine bak kut teh.

Hot lemon tea & soybean beetroot juice.

O Cafe,
Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang.