Nom Nom Chomper, Old School & Burger.It

February 24, 2013

Our suburban search for burgers takes us this time to Kelana Jayas Nom Nom Chomper, Puchongs Old School & PJs Burger.It.

First up, Nom Nom Chomper, where color-soaked Wolverine-to-Hulk posters make it clear that the owners make theirs Marvel. Note: the outlet is closed Sundays.

Nom Noms bulked-up burgers should satisfy superhero appetites, at prices far from villainous: this 200-gram behemoth of beef with mustard, balsamic vinegar & BBQ sauce costs RM13.90+ (that includes the side salad & chunky chips).

Not a total triumph; the house-made charcoal bun tips close to stodgy. The pattys OK though, densely packed for a comfortable chew.

Nom Noms Big Bird Burger: Pan-fried chicken breast (thigh meat would be more succulent) with mustard & cheddar cheese. A little too sodium-loaded.

Next stop: the family-friendly OldSchool at Bandar Puteri Puchong.

Hefty house burger, with the ubiquitous charcoal bun (mercifully fluffier here), pork patty, ham, back bacon, caramelized onions, pineapple & tomato chutney.

Scores for tangy juiciness, but (personal preference) were not passionate about pineapples, so wed swap the fruit for a fried egg instead.

Only 4.5 percent alcohol, but thats nevertheless better than nothing.

Also available: pork pate & char siew bahn mi, though thats a hot seller that finishes fast.

Wrapping up with Burger.It, a side business of iCook Italian Gastronomia in PJ 3 Two Square.

The whopping 18-recipe menu boasts what it calls "Italian-style" burgers; the choice with the highest proportion of familiar Italian ingredients is "Genova" (RM16.90+), listed with Parmesan & fontina cheese, basil pesto, tomatoes & arugula.

Dissection: The buns chewy-doughy, pleasing some patrons who consider lighter ones too airy, while the Aussie beef pattys reasonably moist & tasty, with fresh accompaniments & fries. But the Italian flavors only halfway there; theres very little pesto & virtually no cheese (what surfaces seems to be mayo instead).

Still, burger fans in PJ can give this a shot; lamb, chicken & veggie patties are also available, with other toppings that include goats & gorgonzola cheeses, aioli, roasted eggplant & peppers, olive pate & oregano.

Good news for fans: iCook should be opening another branch at Sri Hartamas Plaza Damas 3.

All in all, none of these three places offers extraordinary burgers, but all have their plus points.

NomNom Chomper,
Ground Floor, Kelana Jaya Square, Jalan SS7/26, Petaling Jaya.
22A, Jalan Puteri 2/4, Bandar Puteri Puchong.
Burger.It @ iCook Italian Gastronomia,
3 Two Square, Petaling Jaya.