Nichinan Jidoriya @ Mid Valley

October 22, 2013

Not a bad new Japanese restaurant on Mid Valleys boulevard.

The menus unkind to English-speakers, but heres Miyazaki-bred jidori free-range chicken from Japans southern Nichinan coast. Juicy enough, with a pleasant chew & enjoyable sweetness.

Speaking of sweetness, thats what this papayas primarily for (RM18 before taxes) ...

... a fun foil for a fresh bowl of prawns, mussels, calamari & clams.

Were fans as well of the chicken, pork & beef kushiyaki (RM3-RM5 per stick).

Try the chicken with wasabi, pork with mentaiko & beef with pickled plum sauce & perilla leaves.

Salmon belly, ox tongue, bacon-wrapped quail eggs & scallops, all nicely done.

Salmon-coated sliced radish, fresh & creamy-tender-crunchy.

Onigiri rice balls, blanketed in bacon & topped with a choice of teriyaki sauce, cheese, yuzu mayo or dried chili (RM6.50 per piece).

Finishing with a final fowl pleasure: Fried chicken gizzard, pretty addictive.

We ordered a big bottle of sake, brought most of it home & were still drinking it a week later.

Nichinan Jidoriya,
Mid Valley Boulevard, Kuala Lumpur.

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