Nanking @ Petaling Jaya

February 28, 2010

Taking yet another vegetarian route for Chinese New Year.

Nanking's "Great Blessing Set" kicked off with an "abalone" yee sang, which was filled with reasonably fresh, crunchy ingredients.

"Shark fin" soup. Tasted nearly like the real thing, except that it was impossible to replicate the firm, fleshy feel of crab meat.

Dong Po "pork." Evenly divided into a "fatty" top layer that tasted like springy fish balls and a "meaty" lower layer that seemed like melt-in-the-mouth pork.

Pan-fried Szechuan "prawns." A crisp, spicy crowd-pleaser.

"Cod fish" in ginger sauce. This somehow managed to have a fishy flavour, though the texture was not flaky enough to pass off as cod.

Beancurd roll with broccoli. Pretty ordinary-tasting.

Fried rice. Kinda starchy and stodgy, but still palatable.

"Grace Felicity" dessert. Rather powdery, with a strong, strange taste of corn.

Nanking Vegetarian Restaurant,
Jalan 19/3, Petaling Jaya.