Mz. Nina Bakery Cafe

January 16, 2012

Is Mz Nina Bakery Cafe at Solaris Dutamas somehow linked to Malaysian dance-pop songstress Mizz Nina (this is a take-oh-oh-over)? Houston, we have no idea.

From Eggs Benedict & nasi kerabu for brekkie to chicken roulade & grilled lamb rack for dinner, Mz Nina applies the something-for-everyone approach to its menu. But we homed in purely on its prominently showcased pastries & cakes for this visit.

Bread, baby, bread: snowy-mountain cinnamon rolls & nutty cobblestone buns (RM3.80) , all fresh & fragrant enough to make their birth-oven proud.

Fruit pavlova, filled with more mousse than meringue (we kinda like it better this way) & finished with perfectly ripe, plumply juicy berries. Cakes cost about RM16 per piece.

Dark-milk-white chocolate cake. Uber-creamy, ultra-dreamy.

A hybrid of mille-crepe & Mississippi mudcake, with a buttery cocoa richness.

Carrot cake. Not one of those desserts that's easy on the eyes but flat-tasting on the tongue. Beware: a fat slice of this supplies both visual & oral stimulation.

Mz Nina is a liquor-free zone, but there's coffee in all its incarnations to fan the buzz.

Let's keep the sweet stuff swirling for a little longer; Mz Nina isn't Solaris Dutamas' only venue for carrot cakes. For comparison, head to The Red Beanbag for its lemon cream-topped version, densely packed with carrots, pineapples & raisins. Moist & complex.
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The true treasure trove of sugar at Solaris Dutamas is nevertheless Ben's Independent Grocer inside Publika. Can't get more saccharine than hand-molded, sticky-finger chunks of sea-salt caramel fudge by British confectioner Burnt Sugar.

Also at Ben's: G-Stick gelati _ pistachio, rocky road & banoffee _ a sumptuous, upper-crust repackaging of the ice-cream-on-a-stick adored by adults, adolescents & ankle-biters alike.
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Mz Nina @ Solaris Dutamas,
D2-G3-9, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.