MySeafoodMart Deliveries

May 29, 2014

The ocean's bounty, freshly caught in the morning & delivered to our doorstep within hours: Many thanks to MySeafoodMart, very likely the Klang Valley's best online merchant for seafood, for making this fine feast of fish, crustaceans & clams possible.

MySeafoodMart is ideal not only for households & individual consumers but also restaurants seeking a reliable seafood supply (MySeafoodMart is currently a source for Western outlets such as Damansara Heights' Sitka & numerous Chinese eateries). To ensure freshness, there's even a money-back guarantee (see MySeafoodMart.com & facebook.com/MySeafoodMart for details).

The range is wide: Highlights include this beauty of a Dragon Tiger Grouper (RM60 per kilogram; this entire fish weighs 1.8 kg), specially reared in Pulau Ketam. Scales & guts are removed before delivery. The fresh fish selection offered by MySeafoodMart also includes fourfinger threadfin, estuary grouper, golden snapper, white pomfret & sea bass.

Our recent ultra-convenient home delivery also included 'Super Big Red Prawns' (reputedly called 'Hong Ha' in Cantonese). RM77 per kg, with around 12-20 prawns for each kg.

Ming prawns, also from Pulau Ketam, are available as well, with approximately 30 to 40 prawns per kilogram (RM53.20).

Happy as a clam? At RM17 a kg, these should satisfy most folks. Everything from fresh cuttlefish to flower crabs is offered too.

Frozen shellfish is in stock: Slipper lobsters & mantis prawns caught in the waters of Mersing, with the meat removed from the shells & packaged. Slipper lobsters cost RM35 for each 480-gram pack, while mantis prawns are RM22 per one-kilogram pack.

Time to cook! Hardworking SH & SL started the barbecue, sealing the fish in salt & stuffing it with herbs for a Thai-inspired treat.

Takes an hour, but the result could be worth the labour & the wait. Or steam the fish or bring it to a Chinese outlet for cooking.

Firm, fleshy meat, satisfyingly moist while supplying a hearty, substantial chew. Top marks to SH for perfecting this.

Next up, the prawns (SL's responsibility): Off with their pretty heads & into a cooking pot.

Bringing it all to a boil to extract the sweet savouriness for a rich sauce. The colour's brilliant, the smell's even better.

While things are heating up at the stove, the rest of these big, bouncy prawns are beginning to look extra-appetising.

Testing the freshness of the prawns, we took the risk of sampling one raw with some lime juice. It passed; no problem.

Cooked & combined with the briny broth? Done right, it's a recipe to relish & recommend.

With so many of the Ming prawns provided, SL had to find another preparation to showcase their succulence.

With black rice for a Mexican-influenced creation? We'd eagerly order this one at any restaurant that serves it.

Don't forget the prawn heads; even after all they've been through, they're still delicious to chew on.

Checking back with SH to see what's cooking with the clams.

Two styles of preparation for these beautifully flavoursome clams, one crunchy-fruity ...

... the other spicy-herbaceous, both equally enticing & enjoyable.

What to do with the slipper lobsters & mantis prawns? SL's got 'em covered, with lemon butter sauce.

Plump, wholesome-tasting meat, worked into something that could function as both starter or main course.

Many thanks again to Benny & MySeafoodMart for supplying the main components of this memorably pescetarian meal ...

... & to EC for bringing most of the booze (prawns & Pinot Grigio, a pleasurable partnership).

My Seafood Mart
Ordering instructions and other details at www.myseafoodmart.com
Follow My Seafood Mart for updates at www.facebook.com/myseafoodmart
Tel: 011-1230-8408 (Benny)

 From the creators of MySeafoodMart comes LiveSeafoodMart, which focuses on a more premium range of live seafood, conveniently delivered to your doorstep, spanning Canadian oysters, Boston lobsters, Dungeness crabs & much more.

Our LiveSeafoodMart sampling was top-notch - fresh, succulent molluscs & crustaceans that turned out terrific, whether served raw, cooked with few frills or prepared elaborately (of course, it helps to have friends who are wizards in the kitchen!).

The seafood pairs with all sorts of soups & salads for a full meal. Check out LiveSeafoodMart's website, which also promises delicacies like Canadian geoduck, Scottish razor clams & South African abalone. Thanks to LiveSeafoodMart for the delivery.

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