MYCha: Merdeka Series Kombucha in nasi lemak & kari laksa flavours

August 17, 2021

Nasi lemak kombucha and kari laksa kombucha? MYCha puts a madcap Malaysian spin on the fizzy, fermented beverage that's increasingly popular among health buffs. If you're seeking kombucha with uniquely local inspirations, try MyCha's limited-edition Merdeka Series, available throughout August.

MYCha’s kombucha embraces its effervescence, making them among the most refreshing drinks around, buoyantly bubbly without tasting too sugary, radiating clean, clear and natural-tasting nuances.

The Nasi Lemak Kombucha channels the non-spicy notes of nasi lemak, with cucumber being the surprisingly fragrant cornerstone of this bottle, bolstered by Japanese cucumber bits, with a delicate but distinctive through line of coconut and pandan. If you love aromatic allure in your drink, choose this.

The Kari Laksa Kombucha is punchier and more complex. The curry and kaffir lime leaves hit hard at first sip, well-balanced ultimately by an infusion of toasted coconuts in a kombucha of cinnamon and star anise. It might sound like a strange brew, but it works harmoniously, sultry but somehow soothing.

The Merdeka Series can be purchased together: Two 300ml bottles cost only RM18 in total. 

You can also order the two Merdeka Series 300ml bottles together with three bottles of MYCha's regular one-litre kombucha for a total of RM100.

MYCHa's regular kombucha comes in large one-litre bottles, eliminating unnecessary packaging.

The regular range spans the herby (Ginger, Ginger Turmeric, Lemongrass Kaffir) to the floral (Rose Lychee, Lavender, Lavender Dragon, Jamine Goji) to the fruity (Pine Coconut, Guava Dragon, Passion Lavender).

The Guava Dragon (RM30 per litre) is fab in fizz and flavour, groovy in the honest-to-goodness sweetness of lohan guava and red dragonfruit, a true treat for fans of fruity fun.
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