MY Popelini: Premium Patisserie

June 26, 2020

Charming, colourful puffs, with crackly, crunchy crusts and creamy, cheerful centres: MY Popelini promises French-inspired choux au craquelin that'll brighten up any day, baked to order and delivered to your doorstep.

These tempting treats take pastry pleasure to lovely new levels, layered on top with craquelin (a crisp cookie-like overlay made with brown sugar, butter and flour), concealing a lightly luscious core of flavoured creme chantilly in choux pastry.

We sampled six unmistakably distinct flavours: If you're nuts about nuts, you'll likely love the earthy-sweet peanut butter or chocolate hazelnut praline; if Earl Grey is your cup of tea, the fresh Earl Grey or Earl Grey chocolate are both  airily aromatic; if you're mad for matcha, you have a choice of green tea or green tea with red bean for elegant Japanese nuances.

We like how these puffs taste fabulously fresh and fluffy (best consumed within an hour or two if you're not chilling them), rich and punchy without being cloying, hitting the mark for a confidently executed cream puff.

We received these designer delicacies at home for a teatime treat (many thanks to MY Popelini), gorgeously garnished with mini pretzels and meringue cookies, some crowned with macaron shells. These can all also be enjoyed at Headspace, a co-working venue in Subang, or picked up from Headspace if you're in the neighbourhood.

The cream puffs cost RM6.20 per piece, RM72 for 12 pieces and RM108 for 20 pieces.

Find out more about MY Popelini: facebook.com/mypopelini

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