Musa @ Avenue K

May 18, 2010

Billed as a "fashion cafe," Musa brings a breath of fresh air to Avenue K, which sorely needs more attractive dining options. But it's too soon to tell if this outlet will thrive.

Customers can dine alfresco and watch Jalan Ampang's traffic crawl by, or sit in air-conditioned comfort inside amid a spacious boutique.

The menu is a mishmash of Asian and Western recipes. The smoked salmon with citrus soy dressing wasn't incredibly exciting, but it tasted pretty fresh.

Wild mushroom soup. Very creamy and nicely laced with truffle oil.

Mini beef burger. Skip this; the patty looked juicy but turned out to be leathery.

Malay oxtail soup with rice. Super-spicy, brimming with tender slices of meat.

Baked honey-glazed cod. Can't go wrong with this sweet, succulent fish.

Non-alcoholic Mojito & Lychee Tea. Alas, no booze is available (so far).

Musa Fashion & Cafe,
Avenue K.