Munakata @ Life Centre

October 28, 2009

Munakata's dinner promotion, which has been running for several months, offers unlimited orders of 40 items from a special menu for only RM60++. Not a bad deal at all.

Service is efficient and the food seems to be served reasonably fast if the restaurant isn't too busy. The warm Unagi Tamago (eel wrapped in cooked egg) and Hourensou Butter (grilled spinach in butter) probably arrived within five minutes of our order.

So-so salmon sashimi & addictive unagi kabayaki (we ended up having 10 portions of eel!).

Kaki furai. Crunchy and fairly fresh deep-fried oysters that weren't oily at all.

Forgettable seaweed salad and horrendously salty scallops with butter.

Decent saba shioyaki (mackerel with salt), salmon teriyaki & chawanmushi.

Satisfactory shishamo (smelt fish) and perfectly battered tempura moriawase.

Tender gyu saikoro steak with lumpy, bland, unappetising garlic fried rice.

Yaki soba. A house specialty supposedly. OK, but a waste of stomach space.

Beef pan-fried in ginger sauce. Succulent stuff, but another overly salty recipe.

Mixed fried seafood and fried chicken dumplings. Well-prepared enough.

Juicy, meaty chicken yakitori. One of our favourite choices for the evening.

Mediocre butter straw mushrooms and fresh, flavorful seafood teppanyaki.

Dessert choices are limited, but we went for the green tea & vanilla ice cream.

A nice chilled bottle of sake helped wash down a very pleasant dinner, all in all.

Life Centre, Jalan Sultan Ismail.