Mr Nasey: Nasi Ganja & Ipoh Mali Meal Deliveries

June 30, 2020

With curry-flooded Nasi Ganja as its irresistible temptation, Mr Nasey is a new meal delivery service that channels the 'Ipoh Mali' spirit for fans of fragrant, flavour-packed rice and noodle dishes, perfect for spice-loving Malaysian palates.

We had the opportunity to sample several signatures by Mr Nasey, which currently sends its meals out from Kelana Jaya and Subang, with Desa Pandan and Pavilion Kuala Lumpur to come soon. Its founders have decades of experience in running respected restaurants, so their kitchen is confident and capable.

Start with the Nasi Ganja, Ipoh's take on nasi kandar, best ordered with Ayam Berempah. The hearty pack comes with a side of okra curry, which you can pour over the rice for a fully banjir indulgence. True to its name, the curry is absolutely addictive, mingling with the rice's gravy for kuah campur that's super-satisfying. The fried chicken is interesting too, with a reddish marinade and batter mixed with curry spices - altogether, the ensemble packs plenty of heat and should make you sweat with pleasure, cooled down with crunchy cucumbers. Feel free to make a mess with your meal - it's tastier that way!

The Nasi Ganja Chicken Berempah is priced at RM13.90; if you prefer beef, try the Nasi Ganja Beef Kicap Manis (RM15.90).

Nasi Lemak Ori is set to be another Mr Nasey favourite, rich and robustly aromatic - it can be ordered with the same fried chicken that surfaces as a large, fleshy drumstick (RM13.90), or with Curry Chicken or Petai Prawns. The onion sambal for the Nasi Lemak Ori is sweet and thick; plus, it's also chilli-loaded for a real kick, true to Mr Nasey's tagline, betul-betul meletup!

For a budget-conscious choice, the Super Naslor is your best bet - tenderly steamed rice topped with a fried egg and crispy batter bits, coated in that lovely, creamy sambal. This will be available on Oddle and GrabFood for a special rate of RM4 for the entire month of July (one pack per new user for Oddle).

Alternatively, if you need meaty protein, check out the Nasi Kriuk Kriuk (RM13.90), with fried chicken to complement the crispy bits. Other rice options include Kampung Fried Rice and Supreme Soy Sauce Fried Rice.

Noodle devotees aren't left out, including the Signature Mee Goreng (RM11.90), Mr Nasey's Mee Siam (RM10.90) and Wok-Fried Kway Teow (RM11.90). Beverages are also available.

Many thanks to Mr Nasey for a scrumptious meal. Images courtesy of Mr Nasey.

Find out more about Mr Nasey at: facebook.com/mrnasey

Order on Oddle at: mrnasey.oddle.me