Mr. & Ms. Cafe @ Oasis Ara Damansara

June 4, 2013

Heres the real oasis in Ara Damansara: Opening with little fanfare, Mr & Ms could prove one of this years nicest new cafes, the epitome of an eatery where folks can relax & revel in unstinting servings of hot, nourishing food & warm, comforting smiles.

Mr & Ms refers to two friends: Hes the chef who returned to Malaysia recently after honing his craft in Perth & Melbourne, while shes the young entrepreneur whos embarked enthusiastically on her first F&B business (with a little help from her brother & buddies).

The cafe now opens through teatime, with dinners starting next month. Our spotlight shines on brunch recipes where egg runs rampant with fun, flavorsome flourishes.

Poached eggs with slow-baked portobello mushrooms, nuts, grapes & lentils, served on toast (RM20.90+). An enjoyable change from favorites like Eggs Benedict & Atlantic, though those two reassuringly remain on the menu here.

Fluffy-creamy scrambled eggs (RM15.90+), prepared close to perfection, proudly piled with smoked salmon & feta cheese. Chef Alex has been toying with throwing pumpkin & leeks into this; we hope he does.

More eggs, fried this time (RM15.90++); shift them slightly to uncover a savory underbelly of turkey ham, melted mozzarella cheese & mashed avocados.

Spiced baked eggs with sausages, olives & minted yogurt (RM17.90++). Might be a tad too tangy for some, but still worth licking the spoon for this.

Not an admirer of albumin? No worries: Mr & Ms also serves a wholesome breakfast platter (RM19.90+) that features mini-pancakes with grilled bananas, muesli with roasted nuts & milk, plus a bowl of fresh fruit.

Mr & Ms uses Sumatras Gayo mountain coffee beans. Wine is unavailable for now, but folks can bring their own to sip while savoring this cafes Mariah-focused playlist.

Mr & Ms,
B-G-3A, Block B, Oasis Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7859-6665
Open 10am-5pm, except Mondays. Dinner service commences July.