October 3, 2011

KL's caffeine craze rages unabated; checking in on Damansara Heights, a charming coffee bar has replaced Just Heavenly Pleasures near Chef & Brew.

Homemade dark & milk chocolate chip cookies, boasting a soft-baked richness that partners perfectly with steaming-hot beverages. Mollydooker's only offers a small selection of sweet & savory snacks, so it's not a place for full meals.

Apple strudel & chocolate roll. What's with the outlet's name? The two (left-handed) guys who run Mollydooker's get asked that a lot. The explanation is simple: the word is an Australian expression for lefties & southpaws.

Caffe mocha. Mollydooker's uses Sumatran Mandheling beans supplied by R.A.W. Coffee. It takes its brews seriously, supplying all the potent, aromatic flavors that can be expected.

Latte. The outlet opens at 9 a.m. & closes early at 8 p.m., but that makes sense, since public demand for caffeine dissipates at night. Mollydooker's operates only on weekdays.

Iced or hot chocolate is available if you want to steer clear of caffeine.

Mollydooker's Coffee Bar,
Jalan Medan Setia 1, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.