Mochi Sweets

July 31, 2011

We've never been major fans of mochi, but the delicate rice cakes at this new kiosk in Pavilion's Tokyo Street bowled us over. Could this be KL's best mochi?

Try all 12 flavors, for glutinous goodness' sake: sakura, black chocolate, cream chocolate, yam, red bean, caramel macchiato, chestnut cream, green tea, peach cream, mango yogurt, strawberry & blueberry cream. Ingredients are flown in from Japan.

Eaten chilled for a refreshing dessert that features lovely flavors laced with a subtle sweetness. The skin is like a petal-soft coat, swaddling a gooey paste that could be a compromise between caramel & ice cream. Impatience prevented us from letting these thaw a little longer.

Will mochi be this year's macarons? Probably not, but the ones here are certainly worth the calories. An elegantly packaged gift set comprising the complete dozen costs RM44.50.

Mochi Sweets,
Tokyo Street, Level 6, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.