Miraku @ Paradigm Mall

August 7, 2012

Miraku at Penang's G Hotel has made a name for itself as one of the northern island's most satisfactory stops for sushi. Now, its second branch is hoping to carve a similar reputation in the Klang Valley.

Start with a salad: very lightly seared salmon and onions (RM22++), a pungent potpourri of pleasurable flavors that's poised to foul up the breath.

Another stinky sensation for gastronomic masochists: baked potato filled with salty-slimy cuttlefish guts (RM14++).

Scallops are spectacular and mentaiko is marvelous _ put the two together (RM25++) and place them on the pantheon of matches made in paradise.

Something simple for the traditionalist: salmon and roe on vinegar rice in tiny bamboo boxes (RM20++).

Carb-loading with rice for the rest of the meal: grilled grains filled with fish flakes (RM12++).

A complete meal in itself: brown rice with creamy curry and various veggies (RM22++).

A pizza-sushi hybrid, healthier-tasting than Domino's, featuring a thick layer of sticky rice tantalizingly topped with seafood and mushrooms (RM30++).

And finally, a freshly made California roll that's as fulfilling as any other in KL.

Yep, there's sake. And shochu and beer and even some cocktails.

Ground Floor Boulevard, Paradigm Mall.