Miraku & Bulgogi Brothers @ Paradigm Mall

August 21, 2012

Round Two for Miraku and Bulgogi Brothers, both a short stroll from each other at Paradigm Mall.
Earlier entry on Miraku: August 7. Entry on Bulgogi Brothers: August 12.

Going green for much of this meal, starting with Miraku's hugely enjoyable avocado 'sashimi,' sliced and served with wasabi mayonnaise.

More soul-stirring sticky-creaminess: tuna and yam, carved up in ripe avocado.

Even Miraku's cocktails might work as leprechaun camouflage: Midori Sour and Miraku Martini.

Midori Splice and Miraku Mojito.

From Japanese to Korean: both countries might be on an uneasy diplomatic footing these days, but their cuisines sit comfortably close together on this mall's boulevard.

Bulgogi Brothers serves several variations of bibimbap; our pick is the one topped with raw beef _ and even rawer egg yolk _ for a refreshingly 'real' flavor.

Seoulsik Bulgogi, a healthy-tasting recipe of chewing-barely-necessary beef with glass noodles, enoki mushrooms and leeks in sweet-savory apple-and-pear sauce.

Side dishes, replenished as often as desired, include pickles, pumpkin mash and lotus roots...

... as well as kimchi and kangkung, all of assuredly satisfactory quality.

Korean ice cream is available too, at about RM6 a pop.

Green melon and red bean flavors, delightful enough to make us feel like six-year-olds again.

Korean Sojito (a sort-of Mojito with soju instead of rum) and Green Peach (midori, peach schnapps, orange juice).

Hot corn tea, an intriguing change from the green type.

And icy plum tea to wrap up on a sweet note. Bulgogi Brothers remains scheduled to open its second outlet in Pavilion in two weeks.

Bulgogi Brothers and Miraku,
Ground Floor Boulevard, Paradigm Mall.