Minamoto Kitchoan & WA Cafe @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

December 5, 2013

Checking out two compelling new reasons to return to Pavilion this month: confectionery shop Minamoto Kitchoan & caffeine bar WA Cafe, both infused with inimitable Japanese influences.

First, Minamoto Kitchoan, which recently unveiled its maiden Malaysian branch, bolstering a cross-continental network that spans locations from Singapore to Shanghai to San Francisco, London to Tokyo to New York.

Minamoto specializes in "wagashi," the traditional treats commonly consumed with tea. Beautifully packaged but bitingly priced; its startlingly simple to spend a whole lunchtimes worth of money on more or less a mouthful here.

Minamotos mochi might rank as KLs best, exceptional in taste & texture. Sweet but not cloying, with a commanding complexity of flavor, these rice cakes feel fresh & pleasurably pasty without excess stickiness.

Sakura mochi (RM10 per piece), its glutinous grains wrapped with a salted cherry leaf & topped with pickled cherry blossom. Delicate & nuanced.

Also adore the kusa mochi (RM8), typically a springtime delicacy, colored with mugwort leaves & filled with red bean paste. Glutinous greatness.

Tsuyaguri, a whole, soft chestnut enveloped in mashed chestnut paste. Folks who feel like festive splurging can buy a nice 12-piece gift box of these for RM152.

Hoshigaki dried persimmon, reputedly a labor-intensive product to create by massaging the fruit over time, stuffed with white bean paste.

The azuki bean paste is lovely here, be it stuffed in the Oribenishiki baked buns ...

... or sandwiched in dorayaki pancakes (Doraemons favorite!) ...

... & koganeawase crispy-light wafers. This coming from someone whos not a red-bean fan.

Cookies? These "leaf pies" could prove an irresistibly buttery-sugary addiction.

Not everything heres a hit though: Wed skip the surprisingly bland kasutera sponge cake (RM48) & fukuwatashisenbei vanilla cream cookie ...

... & the OK-but-unmemorable shimizuhakuto peach jelly (RM42).

Before leaving Pavilion, take the escalators four floors up to WA Cafe, where a Japanese barista  has started serving this shopping malls most satisfying coffee.

Colombian Arabica beans form the foundation for WAs lovable iced latte (RM11). 

Also admirable: Hot matcha latte (RM10), potently aromatic with top-flight green tea ...

... & a deeply enjoyable roasted almond hot chocolate (RM11), both not-coffee beverages that make WA Cafe more than a coffee bar, come to think of it.

Note: WA Cafe is in a soft-opening stage; its barista advises customers to come next week, when the cafes own-made ice cream & a wider selection of beverages will become available.

Minamoto Kitchoan
P2-12-00, Level 2, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Center Court, Level 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

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