Meisan Szechuan

February 12, 2011

Chinese New Year set meals at hotel outlets remain as exorbitant as ever, but some are less so. Of course, we get what we pay for, so the cheaper choices exclude premium components.

Meisan Szechuan is an OK option, with sets for six people starting from RM320++.

"Golden Harvest" Four Seasons platter. Food here is 100 percent halal, mostly well-prepared and comes in sufficient portions, though there's nothing mind-blowing.

Braised (fake) shark fin soup. Our favorite for the evening, thanks to an unexpectedly bountiful infusion of crab meat, seafood and spinach.

Crispy chicken. Disappointingly dry and shockingly salty.

Steamed Mandarin fish with assam sauce. Fairly fresh fish engulfed in a spicy recipe.

Crispy prawns in salad sauce with mixed fruits. Not juicy enough to recommend.

Stewed assorted Japanese mushrooms with broccoli & oyster sauce.

Fried rice. Decently done, free from any sickening saturation of oil.

Chilled chrysanthemum flower with lotus seeds & white fungus.

Meisan Szechuan,
Quality Hotel Shah Alam.