Marquise Patisserie @ Bangsar Shopping

September 6, 2010

Christmas seems to have come early at BSC this year.

We were delirious with delight as soon as we entered Marquise, surrounded by chocolates, cakes and confectionery that looked worthy of Willy Wonka.

The chocolates in particular are seductively and lingeringly aromatic; many of them come with fruits and/or nuts, offering various combinations of tastes and textures that pack an explosive punch of pure pleasure.

Clockwise from top: Rocky Chocolate (white choc with glazed almonds & cranberries), Nougat Truffle (dark choc with dark nougat cream with almonds), Truffle Cassis (blackcurrent truffle) & Mendiant Clover (dark choc with caramelized hazelnuts, pistachios & dried fruits).

Chocolate Ivory (choc moist cake layered with choc mousse & enrobed with 53% dark choc). Reasonably moist and fresh-tasting, but if you're not planning to overdose on sugar in one sitting, then stick to the chocolates for your first visit here.

For Ramadan, there's an Aidilfitri gift pack consisting of handmade baklava, chocolate almond ma'amoul, dried cantaloupe stuffed dates & "tropical luscious" pastry. A bit pricey, at more than 30 ringgit for eight pieces, but it comes in attractive wrappings, in case that matters.

Marquise Patisserie & Chocolaterie,
Bangsar Shopping Centre.