March 3, 2012

Spain, Part IV: A lunchtime eatery that we stumbled on while wandering in Madrid.

Home-cooked recipes form the heart of this restaurant. Here's Spain's traditional "quarter of an hour" soup, a reference to the time needed for the main stage of preparing this broth. Brimming with seafood, ham & veggies, this is soul food indeed.

Veal meatballs. Surprisingly succulent, not gamy at all.

Scrambled eggs with veggies. Tasted almost Chinese; it's kinda interesting to realize that while we often think of things like tapas & paella as the cornerstone of Spanish cuisine, those wouldn't necessarily be what many Spaniards eat at home.

Fish omelet. Not sure what fish was used in this, but it wasn't tuna (thankfully). Not our favorite preparation for an omelet, but worth trying for novelty value. Perfect with the white wine we sipped for this meal, but our photo of that Sauvignon Blanc has somehow vanished.

Chueca, Madrid, Spain.