Market Hall revised

February 22, 2011

Markethall: Round Three. Earlier entries: Feb. 11 & Feb. 14.

Calamari coated in sesame seed pastella. Delving deeper into Markethall's menu means discovering delicious culinary twists. Instead of the ordinary deep-fried calamari that other outlets offer, the version here is based on an Italian recipe with a thinner, far less greasy batter, for a healthier feel.

Sliced topside beef, glazed in salsa verde. Alas, not everything is a hit. This roast beef came out tender, but the accompanying egg was cold, with a hard-boiled yolk instead of a runny one. Maybe it was intended to be that way, but it wasn't very yummy.

Slow-roasted mushroom risotto with truffle oil & herbs. Markethall's chef was formerly from Delucca, so the Italian dishes here deserve consideration. This risotto was aromatic and well-executed, though not exactly mind-blowing.

Salmon tagliatelle tossed in vodka, citrus zest & mascarpone cream sauce. A simple, straightforward recipe, tasty and hearty enough to satisfy.

T-bone steak, Florentine-style, with garlic, extra virgin olive oil & rosemary dressing. Markethall's beef comes from livestock cultivated in Gemas, which produces a halal range of "Gold Meat." Our steak was medium-rare as requested, but the meat could've been juicier and more flavorful.

The paella was praiseworthy though. Fragrant rice, brimming with fat clams & succulent chicken. Seemed a bit watery at first, but it was still absolutely addictive.

Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie IGT (Italy), featuring the flavors of grapefruit & lemon.

Detox Juices: Dr Grey Cold Buster (garlic, parsley, cucumber, celery, carrots) & Meditation Rejuvenation (pineapple, maple syrup, mint leaves, ginger, spring water).

Market Hall,
Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.