Maple Food Market: Happy Ele, Yoohoo Hot Dogs & Espressolab

October 23, 2018

Great Eastern Mall's Maple Food Market is set to be one of November's most exciting food-and-shopping events, with more than three dozen homegrown brands showcasing their top temptations in a park-like setting within the mall. 

Get to know more about three of them - Happy Ele, Yoohoo Hot Dogs and Espressolab - and win exclusive prizes that you can collect at the market, happening 1-4 November 2018, 11am-8pm.

Just tag two friends whom you plan to attend Maple Food Market with, and tell us which of these prizes you'd like to win!
1. Choice of Happy Ele pumpkin or mushroom soup with garlic bread and a sausage couscous or Caesar salad (five winners to be selected; prize to be redeemed at Happy Ele's physical cafe in Great Eastern Mall)
2. Yoohoo Classic Hot Dog topped with homemade sweet pickle relish and yellow mustard (five winners to be selected)
3. Espressolab coffee and cake (five winners to be selected)
A total of 15 winners will be selected from the first people who leave a comment on this Facebook post before 12pm, Tuesday, 30 October: https://www.facebook.com/eatdrinkkl/posts/507944333015816

Happy Ele 
Spokesperson: Sharon Cheah, Director of Shyet-Li's Sdn Bhd (parent company of Happy Ele)

Tell us how Happy Ele started. 

Happy Ele on Level LG of Great Eastern Mall is the new sister cafe of Shyet-Li's Kopitiam, which has been in operation on Level 3 of Great Eastern Mall for over 13 years. We launched Happy Ele to provide the guests of Great Eastern Mall with a refreshing new option for food. At Happy Ele, we serve roasted chicken, pastas, lasagna, cottage pie, salads, soups, sandwiches, wraps and all-day breakfast items, like big breakfast with eggs, sausages, turkey ham, mushrooms, pancakes and French toast.

What defines the food at Happy Ele? What do your customers love about Happy Ele? 

Happy Ele is all about the ‘food we love to eat,' which is our tagline! We serve fresh, flavourful, wholesome food conceptualised from home recipes - dishes that we cook regularly at home, enjoyed by our friends and family.

We are proud of our succulent Honey Mustard Roasted Chicken with Rosemary Sprigs, which is served with grilled vegetables (pumpkin, sweet potatoes, coloured peppers, eggplant) and thyme potatoes. This dish is healthy, balanced and absolutely delicious - a top seller.

Another customer favourite is our Apple Avocado Salad, a refreshing rainbow of chicken breast slices, green or red apples, avocado, coloured peppers, cranberries, sun-dried tomatoes and crushed walnuts tossed in a zesty, nutty vinaigrette and served with Parmesan cheese crisps. 

Other dishes loved by our customers are the Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Shrimp or Chicken, Lasagna, Ele's Club Sandwich, Big Hearty Breakfast, Avocado on Fried Egg, and Pumpkin Soup.

What can we expect from you at Maple Food Market? 

Maple Food Market is loads of fun! We love being a part of a community of amazingly delicious artisan food. 

We're offering a mini buffet spread at Maple Food Market. We provide guests with a choice of two containers - RM15 box or RM10 box - and they get to fill it up with anything they like from our spread. We will have available at Maple Market the following food: Honey Mustard Roasted Chicken, Spaghetti Aglio Olio Shrimp, Cottage Pie, Macaroni Bolognese, Buttered Broccoli Carrots, Chicken Potato Curry, Butter Rice with Raisins, Pumpkin Soup.

Do you have a message for visitors who find you at the market? 

(Besides our stall at Maple Food Market), we'd also like people to come to Happy Ele at Level LG at Great Eastern Mall! It's a place to enjoy great food and simply be happy.

Yoohoo Hot Dogs
Spokesperson: Rosana Musa, Founder

How was Yoohoo Hot Dogs born, and why did you decide on hot dogs?

Yoohoo Hot Dogs was started early last year by Rosana Musa and Tony Eusoff as a hobby - it quickly grew to become a full-time venture. We realised that we couldn't find a good classic New York-style hot dog anywhere, so we decided to try our hand at making them - and to our surprise our hot dogs were a hit! 

What kind of hot dogs do you serve?

We serve classic American-style hot dogs with homemade toppings and relishes.  One of our bestsellers is the Yoohoo American, which is a basic hot dog topped with our homemade onion relish, homemade roast garlic barbecue sauce and mustard. 

All ingredients used are halal.

Why did you choose to participate in Maple Food Market, and are you doing anything special for it? 

We love Maple Food Market because of the variety of delicious food that is available to visitors. Yoohoo Hot Dogs will be serving our Yoohoo Raclette cheese hot dogs at Maple Food Market. It's a basic hot dog covered in a blanket of melted raclette cheese. A must for any cheese lovers out there!

What does Yoohoo Hot Dogs aim to do? 

Yoohoo Hot Dogs' aim is to put a smile on every customer's face with the food we make. Nothing makes us happier than watching people enjoy our hot dogs!

Espressolab Asia
Spokesperson: Melissa Seebran, Owner of Great Eastern Mall branch

Tell us how Espressolab started, and how it came to be in Great Eastern Mall.

Espressolab Asia was established in 2011 and operates outlets throughout Malaysia and provides coffee beans to many corporate clients and other establishments.  Currently there are 14 outlets in Malaysia and one in Singapore.  Espressolab Great Eastern Mall has been around for over three years - while coffee is our main focus, we pair it with international food to make Espressolab Great Eastern Mall a unique cafe.

How would you describe Espressolab? What sets it apart from other cafes?

Espressolab is an integrated speciality coffee company from the farm all the way to the cup.  Espressolab concentrates on roasting and serving speciality coffee from around the world, focusing on arabica beans and soon estate and micro-lots.

What do you think of Maple Food Market, and how will Espressolab be participating? 

Maple Food Market is known to exhibit exceptional local homemade and artisanal products, and it gives Espressolab the opportunity to showcase some of our less-known offerings, such as the Piccolo Latte, which is a ristretto shot topped with warm, silky milk served in a small latte glass.

We will be offering a special promotional price of RM8 for our popular selected coffees at the fair.

As more people are becoming more particular about the quality of coffee they drink, we believe they would be able to make that distinction of good coffee if they try a cup of Espressolab coffee.

Photos above are courtesy of the respective vendors.

Great Eastern Mall is at 303, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Customer Service Hotline: 03-42598090

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