Maple Food Market: Far Eats, Sambal Enak & Amrita Kefir

October 24, 2018

Great Eastern Mall's Maple Food Market is set to be one of November's most exciting food-and-shopping events, with more than three dozen homegrown brands showcasing their top temptations in a park-like setting within the mall. 

Get to know more about three of them - Far Eats, Sambal Enak and Amrita Kefir & Kombucha - and win exclusive prizes that you can collect at the market, happening 1-4 November 2018, 11am-8pm.

Just tag two friends whom you plan to attend Maple Food Market with, and tell us which of these prizes you'd like to win!
1. Pack of Far Eats cranberry bacon sausages and sliced bacon worth RM80 per set (five winners to be selected). Note that Far Eats' products are non-halal.
2. Sambal Enak Gift Set with six bottles of sambals - Sambal Bawang, Sambal Terasi Jawa, Sambal Hijau Padang, Sambal Hijau Tuna, Sambal Ayam Suwir, Sambal Jamur (five winners to be selected)
3. Three bottles of Amrita Kefir's bestselling items: Luscious Lychee, Jamu Green Tonic, Mumma Booch (five winners to be selected)
A total of 15 winners will be selected from the first people who leave a comment on this Facebook post before 12pm, Tuesday, 30 October: https://www.facebook.com/eatdrinkkl/posts/508288679648048

Far Eats (non-halal)
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Spokesperson: Cindy Chen, Founder
How would you describe your food, and what are the favourites among your fans?

Far Eats makes scrumdeliyumptious, healthy, filler-free, gluten-free and preservative-free sausages and bacon. You need to taste them!

I am proud of every product Far Eats has to offer. However, our absolute bestsellers have been our Cranberry Bacon sausages, Caramelised Onions and Red Wine sausages, and our bacon products.

Tell us why you founded Far Eats.

Far Eats was started on the premise of providing delicious food that's healthy - more specifically, filler-free and gluten-free healthy. I've always veered toward healthy food. A few years ago, we figured out that my husband is gluten-intolerant, so I decided to include gluten-free on the list of things to do for a healthy family. I researched and experimented extensively to make healthy AND delicious gluten-free food. Taste is very important - nobody wants to eat healthy cardboard.

The products of Far Eats are the product of that. It is very encouraging as more people are becoming more receptive to this style of sausages, versus commercial-style hot dog sausages. It's delightful to say that love, not only acceptance, of these sausages is growing.

What makes you happy about being part of the Maple Food Market community? 

Maple Food Market is my favourite market to be part of. It's such an amazing collection of great food artisans in one space. Every time I've participated, I myself have found new and exciting flavours and culinary experiences.

On my end, I've made wonderful new friends who sample my products and become long-term friends or customers.  It's a great opportunity to present and share Far Eats products to a discerning crowd. And I truly appreciate that.

How will Far Eats be participating at Maple Food Market this time?

As always, we are delighted to share loads of samples of our products with new and old friends. We are always very generous with sampling. I insist that people try our products before they buy any. We are all so different in our preferences, so it's important to know what you like before you buy it.

At Maple Food Market, Far Eats will be providing Bangers & Mash for dine-ins. Made with real quality US russet potatoes, each scoop of mash is satisfyingly creamy, buttery smoothness, topped with a rich and mellow onion gravy that was slowly caramelised over a low flame for seven hours - and of course, it's completed by the star of the dish, a sausage or two of your preferred flavour. It's truly decadent.

And more importantly, we will be bringing the frozen versions of these sausages so you can recreate this amazing culinary experience in your own home, barbecue, in-law's home, friend's home, or anywhere else!

Sambal Enak
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Spokesperson: Nancy Victorio, Founder

How did Sambal Enak come to be? Take us through the story. 

It started with me creating a food catering service for my husband's colleagues in his office, which continued until there were some orders from outside his office. Some of my customers were asking me to offer sambal. From that point, with support from someone who became my partner, we started to sell sambal in jars. It was fine until my partner decided to opt out of the business.

Starting from that point, I was doing it by myself, with the support from my husband and a lot of my good friends. The name Sambal Enak was suggested by one of my best friends. The business is growing pretty well, and the product is well received by many customers inside and out of Malaysia.

What makes Sambal Enak stand out? What products are a favourite among your fans?

Sambal Enak is unique with its variety of products. The difference is in how we process the sambal. Everything is done by hand, so we can get the right texture of the sambal. Using machines completely will speed up the process, but we'll lose the texture and the feeling for how to enjoy the sambal.

All our products have their own uniqueness and fans. Every time I operate at bazaars, it is always a different product that sells more than others. However, our main product is the Sambal Bawang.

What are your feelings about being part of Maple Food Market?

Maple Food Market is held by a well-known organiser and proven to be a good market every time. Potential customers can try all of our products at the market, and if the flavour and the level of spiciness are up to their expectations, they'll usually will become repeat customers.

What should people know about Sambal Enak? 

People can enjoy their dishes with new flavours by adding our sambal. Different kinds of sambal will give your dish a richer flavour. As some people say, it's fine to even eat only rice and crackers, as long as there is sambal. (Note: Vegetarian sambal options are available too)

Amrita Kefir & Kombucha
Spokesperson: Grace Tjandra Philips, Owner and Director

Could you tell us about Amrita Kefir & Kombucha's history - why did you decide to get into the health drinks business? 

Amrita Kefir & Kombucha was founded by two enterprising friends in Kuala Lumpur who were keen to share delicious and healthy gut biome balancing beverages with their local communities.

Michelle was initially our head brewer in Kuala Lumpur; however, she moved back for good to Australia last year. She still supports Amrita Kefir & Kombucha by handling our social media platforms from abroad. She is a lover of all things fermented. She's been making and drinking various kinds of fermented drinks for years and loves experimenting with new flavours. Michelle also has a keen interest in traditional herbal medicines.

I (Grace) am currently the head brewer, as well as the logistics, sales and business backbone of Amrita Kefir & Kombucha. I was intrigued by, and fell in love with, Michelle's various ferments, and after trying them for myself, I couldn't wait to share them with other people.

We started with our closest circle of friends. Since then, Amrita Kefir & Kombucha has been growing into one of the most well-known Water Kefir and Kombucha producers in Kuala Lumpur.

What makes Amrita Kefir & Kombucha stand out in the health drinks industry? 

Amrita Kefir and Kombucha are probiotic health drinks containing beneficial enzymes, acids, bacteria and yeasts along with easily digestible sugars, vitamins and minerals. Water Kefir (pronounced 'kef-FEER') has been used for many centuries to support gastrointestinal health, to assist digestion and to increase immunity. Kombucha is a tea-or-coffee-based digestive drink that helps to balance and detoxify the body, energise the mind and also provide probiotic benefits.

We lovingly hand-blend the best-quality fresh produce with our secret recipe to provide you with a delicious, healthy, and refreshing beverage that will help restore, balance and maintain your gut biome. We personally pick our ingredients every week at the local market as one of our efforts to support local producers.

We are very proud of all our products as we manage to come up with different flavours, 11 in total, to suit different palates. Special mention for our Jamu range, which is a traditional herbal medicine that originated in Indonesia and is still widely trusted for both the prevention and treatment of health problems.

What are the most popular products in your line-up? 

Our most popular products are Luscious Lychee and Jamu Kunyit Tonic for Water Kefir and Mumma Booch for Kombucha.

How will Amrita Kefir & Kombucha be participating in the Maple Food Market? 

We will provide samples for anyone who wants to try a different range of delicious and healthy drinks. We also will have special discounts during the event. We'll bring the whole range of our products and a DIY kit for people who want to try making their own Water Kefir and Kombucha.

What should people know about Amrita Kefir & Kombucha?

Our aim is to educate and share the benefit of natural probiotic drinks to more people. On top of that, we want to be recognised as a high-quality producer of these drinks.

Photos above are courtesy of the respective vendors.

Great Eastern Mall is at 303, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Customer Service Hotline: 03-42598090

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