Malones @ KLCC

November 3, 2009

After months of teasing, Malones has finally swung its doors open, offering an array of scrumptious Irish specialties that should easily satisfy Malaysian palates and pockets.

Boxty pancake wrap (potato pancakes filled with slices of baked chicken, tomatoes, romaine lettuce and grated cheese). A fascinating recipe; the wraps were like a cross between Indian dhosai and the Chinese rolls for Peking duck.

Kedgeree (breakfast of stir-fried rice, poached salmon flakes and hard-boiled egg). This might look like local fried rice, but it had a very different flavour, thanks to the blend of traditional herbs and exceedingly fresh salmon bits in every spoonful.

Mussels simmered in Guinness and garlic. Absolutely addictive; the Guinness imparted a tangy taste to the mussels, soaked in a broth that we lapped up eagerly with bread.

Six-hour stewed lamb, carrot and barley casserole. A tender, hearty and wholesome medley of ingredients, but not as unique as the other dishes.

St Patrick's Sangria (wine, Jameson whiskey, fruit juices, soda), Baby Guinness (kahlua, baileys), Rum & Raisin (half and half, grapefruit, creme de cassis, dark rum).

Irish Flag (midori, baileys, peach liqueur), Irish Car Bomb (Jameson whiskey, baileys stout), Green Margarita (midori, triple sec, jose cuervo, margarita mix).