Maison Francaise @ Kia Peng revised 2

November 6, 2012

Maison Francaise: Round Three. Earlier entries: Oct. 4 & Nov. 1.

The amuse bouche that kicks off meals here is a high point for each evening, whether it's the creamy combo of scrambled eggs & smoked salmon served in shells ...

... or the asparagus soup, which captures the full flavor of this spring vegetable.

Maison Francaise's repertoire feeds mainly on classics like sole meuniere, a simple slice of fish that's elegantly executed, buttery & lemony.

Fried chicken breast laced with foie gras. Evokes Joel Robuchon's name on the menu but lacks the richness of the French's chef's famous liver-stuffed quail.

Fortunately, Maison Francaise's souffles never fall flat. Five types are available: Grand Marnier, mango, vanilla, chocolate & lemon (no prizes for figuring out our choice!).

Our favorite sweet treat here: the interpretation of the Mont Blanc, featuring vanilla ice cream topped with chestnut puree & meringue.

All in all, there are hits & misses at Maison Francaise. Alas, a la carte prices are high, so the cost of dinner here can easily exceed RM150 per person.

Maison Francaise,
5, Changkat Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:  03 2144 1474 Open daily

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