MacLaren's @ Damansara Perdana

May 11, 2012

Possibly Damansara Perdana's friendliest pub, free from the slightest sliver of sleaze.

MacLaren's Eurasian chef whips up everything from deviled chicken curry to pork vindaloo, but the top recommendation is the slow-cooked lamb leg curry (RM22++), a wicked concoction, thick with apples, potatoes, raisins and nuts, served with buttered bread.

Pork patties here are kitchen-made for a relatively coarser chew; take two of 'em, toss in some bacon, egg and cheese, and voila! A pork burger (RM19++) that should satisfy. Other topping options include pineapples and chili con carne.

Chocolate bread pudding (RM12++) _ warm and moist, soft and sweet, this is a recipe by the chef's mom. Much yummier than restaurant buffet versions.

Braised apples in a wine compote (RM12++) with a super-special basil-and-raisin ice cream, something also made at MacLaren's, with a fruity-herbal flavor.

Wine is available at RM12++ per glass. Perfectly drinkable.

Basic cocktails are also offered, potent enough to please.

Gin and tonic, to finish the evening on a fun, fizzy note.

One lament: parking here is a pain at night. But MacLaren's is an oasis of calm, for now.

MacLaren's Restaurant and Pub,
Metropolitan Square, Damansara Perdana.
Open daily from lunch through late.