Lunar New Year 2022: Elegant Inn, Putien & Chef Chew Kitchen

January 24, 2022


Returning to stalwarts of the Klang Valley's Chinese food landscape this festive season: Elegant Inn for steamed wild Icelandic cod with fresh lemon and Chinese black olives; sautéed live Australian lobster with South African abalone, Spanish iberico pork and French goose liver; the flagship lap mei fan; pan-fried traditional rice cakes and hazelnut cookies; and double-boiled hasma in fresh almond cream ...


Putien for abalone yee sang, braised red mushrooms in chicken soup, an abalone pot of goodies, steamed live dragon grouper, longevity mee sea, and loquat in cold white fungus soup ...


... and Chef Chew Kitchen for soft-shell crab yee sang bolstered by the restaurant's popular specialities, spanning ginger chicken rice to chilled sweet-sour pork to river prawns steamed with egg white and wine.