Loving Hut @ Puchong

February 23, 2010

A pleasant suburban outlet with plenty of wholesome vegetarian options.

"Rainbow enzyme" yee sang. Basically a fruit-filled version, with lots of grapes, jackfruit and dragonfruit to provide the platter with a natural sweetness.

Mixed combo. Excellent variety, especially the selection that looked like eel but tasted like hash browns. Also loved the "shark fin" omelette, the "fish" tempura & "venison" chops _ none of which seemed overly processed, artificial or laden with MSG.

Green veggies with wolfberries and shimeji mushroom. Fresh and crunchy, but otherwise unmemorable. Maybe we're just not into real veggies.

Treasure pot, comprising bean curd, mushrooms and arrowhead roots. Not unusual, but still very tasty comfort food, with a terrific herbal flavour.

Longevity Seaweed Steak with yellow bean sauce. If we were blindfolded, we'd have sworn this was a freshwater fish.

Brown rice. Hurray for eating healthy!

Warm red bean dessert. Perfectly prepared, not too sweet.

Loving Hut,
Jalan Puteri 2/7,
Bandar Puteri Puchong.
Tel: 8976-1811