Los Galayos

February 23, 2012

Spain, Part III: For more than a century, Los Galayos has fed ravenous customers at Madrid's Plaza Mayor, a historic site that has hosted bullfights, soccer matches & even public executions.

Grab a table at the alfresco area to indulge in people-watching while enjoying traditional Spanish recipes at this all-day-dining restaurant.

Crusty bread with olives. Why is soft bread so hard to get in this country?

Complimentary tapas. An addictively mushy mix of tuna, potatoes & veggies.

Greasy potatoes with blood sausage (pork blood) & eggs. Sinfully laden with carbs, fat & cholesterol, but we couldn't stop munching until the plate was clean.

Nothing we ate here was healthy. This Madrilena tripe was a huge stew of slimy, gelatinous blobs in tangy tomato-&-onion broth. Protein-packed with unidentifiable cow parts & chorizo. Reputedly a poor man's recipe, but tasted very rich.

Foie gras with Pedro Ximenez sweet wine. Too oily to recommend.

Paella, brimming with meat, seafood & veggies. Miraculously, the two of us still managed to walk away after this lunch & continue shopping for fridge magnets.

And of course, a little wine to make the afternoon merrier.

Los Galayos,
Madrid, Spain.