Long Feng @ Renaissance Malacca

March 20, 2009

Our other stop in Malacca was for a good old-fashioned Chinese dinner.

Kicked off with the Peking Duck. Not perfect (the pancake was a tad too thick), but still scrumptious.

The ostrich was a bit too peppery for some of us.

The fish fillet in lemon sauce was disappointing. A very generous serving, but the sauce failed to complement the not-quite-fresh fish.

Prawns. A somewhat forgettable recipe, but the prawns were nice and plump.

Spinach with century egg and salted egg yolk. Everyone raved about this.

Part two of the Peking Duck. We were stuffed by now, but it was tasty.

Sea cucumber with mushrooms and broccoli. A reliable crowd-pleaser.

Part three of the Peking Duck came with fried rice. Fluffy, fragrant and expertly cooked.

Long Feng,
Renaissance Hotel, Malacca.