Lok Yun & Big Joes @ SohoKL, Solaris Mont Kiara

November 30, 2013

Walking through SohoKL can be haunting, thanks to memories of the many restaurants that closed here; Lok Yun, one of this complexs newbies, occupies a corner lot that previously belonged to no fewer than three East Asian eateries: Zhen Shan Mei, Pin Shan & Peking Duck.

Lok Yuns another Chinese outlet with OK food; we liked the pork belly fried in salted egg yolk, though it could have been crunchier ...

... while various other pork parts, including neck & spare ribs, proved less memorable ...

... fried with salted fish, braised with bitter gourd or ginger, its all a blur in our foggy recollection.

Wines available & service is solid, but were not sure whether longevity is in Lok Yuns future.

A few doors away, Big Joes is another recent entry, taking over what was once Dubrovnik.

Big Joes main attraction: shelves of books that include some unexpectedly tempting titles.

The foods a hodgepodge of meat-heavy Western fare (think mushroom soup, spaghetti bolognese & chicken chop), plus occasional specials like sandwiches like paprika spelt bread stuffed with butter, paprika, cheese, tomato & lettuce.

Plenty of pastries & cakes, plus German beer chilling in the fridge; perhaps worth a lunch stop for folks working here.

Lok Yun & Big Joes
Ground Floor, SohoKL, Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

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