Locobueno Mexican Cuisine, Bangsar South

February 18, 2021

More than merely bueno, Locobueno is a terrific bet for Tex-Mex fans, delivering homemade tacos, enchiladas, chimichangas and nachos from Bangsar South. 

It might not be Taco Tuesday yet, but any day is a good time for tasty tortillas - Locobueno's come in both soft and hard-shell varieties, equally worthwhile and well-done, filled with colourfully vibrant flair in a choice of chicken or pork (RM20 for two tacos).

What we appreciate about Locobueno is its use of spices and salsas that spark lively, lovely fireworks of flavour. Even a meat-free recipe like enchilada stuffed with organic spinach is rich and robust, complete with sour cream and jalapeño-laced rice (RM25). If you love burritos, try the chimichanga - typically not our favourite Tex-Mex staple, Locobueno's is a home run, deep-fried to a delectably thin crisp, packed with plenty of chicken and elaborately nuanced ingredients (RM20).

For merry munching, Locobueno's crunchy blue corn tortilla chips convey earthy-sweet undercurrents, brightened by the zestiest of salsa and bolstered with a thick, naturally creamy black bean dip (RM15).

Locobueno Mexican Cuisine

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