Living Food Bistro @ Menara Tan & Tan revised

November 3, 2012

Living Food: Round Four. Earlier entries: Jan. 5, Jan. 19 & Oct. 24.

One of Living Food's most impressive traits: tackling both Western & Asian cuisine while ensuring its recipes remain relatively healthy. Pursuers of plump prawns can choose between Italian-inspired whole-wheat penne with pesto sauce & grana padano cheese ...

... or Borneo-birthed Sarawak laksa, brimming with black rice noodles in herb-spiced soup & belacan-free miso sambal.

Better than many burgers: house-made turkey patty, chunky & coarsely juicy, sandwiched with nut cheese between wholewheat bread.

Sure, there are salads: Living Food's house one comprises organic hearts of romaine & tomatoes with an herb nut cream dressing.

Tex-Mex with a twist: high-fiber corn-flax tortilla, filled with guacamole & sprouts.

Living Food's take on pizza: crunchy-creamy, tomato-topped flax seed flat bread.

Living Food serves elixirs & smoothies, some fairly foul-tasting. There's one featuring leafy greens, cilantro, ginger, turmeric, lemon & prunes, another with carrots, tomatoes, miso & basil, and yet another with passion fruit, pineapples & L-Arginine.

Living Food Bistro,
Menara Tan & Tan, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2181-2778
Weekdays 8am-6pm, Saturdays 9am-5pm